Welcome to B&B Caspar G

The Bed & Breakfast offers a double room, that can host up to 4 persons by adding addional beds and one single room.


Located near the center of Müllheim, you will enjoy the quietness of a countryside B&B but will be quickly around where ever your holiday or business plans are taking you.


Within 10 minutes by car you get to Constance (Konstanz) and Lake Constance (Bodensee) as well to Frauenfeld, Weinfelden and Kreuzlingen. Within 20 minutes you are in Winterthur and in 30 minutes in Zürich as there is direct access to the highway.


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Rooms & Prices

Double rooms from CHF 120.- (including a rich countryside breakfast)

Single room from CHF 70.- (including a rich countryside breakfast)


One double room can be expanded with additional beds for up to four persons (with additional fees).


Additional services

- Free WiFi

- Free parking

- Please contact us if you like to bring your pet



Reservate your room via online form below or directly by phone +41 52 763 17 80


You may also send your requests by e-mail to reservations@casparg.ch


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BnB Frauenfeld BnB Bodensee BnB Kreuzlingen BnB Weinfelden BnB Thurgau BnB Connyland BnB Kreuzlingen BnB Konstanz BnB Wigoltingen BnB Müllheim-Wigoltingen BnB am See BnB Tägerwilen BnB Pfyn BNB Felben-Wellhausen BnB Hüttwilen BnB Mammern BnB Connyland BnB Thurgau BnB Bussnang BnB Affeltrangen BnB Dettighofen BnB Raperswilen  bnb Märstetten bnb bürglen bnb herdern bnb Steckborn bnb eschikofen bnb b&b klingenberg bnb homburg bnb eschikofen bnb berlingen bnb ermatingen


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bed and breakfast Müllheim bed and breakfast Müllheim-Wigoltingen bed and breakfast Frauenfeld bed and breakfast Kreuzlingen bed and breakfast weinfelden bed and breakfast bodensee bed and breakfast Thurgau bed and breakfast Thur bed and breakfast Jakobsweg bed and breakfast conny-land bed and breakfast Lipperswil bed and breakfast dettighofen bed and breakfast tägerwilen bed and breakfast pfyn bed and breakfast Felben-Wellahusen bed and breakfast Mammern bed and breakfast Konstanz bed and breakfast Märstetten bed and breakfast Eschenz bed and breakfast Hörhausen bed and breakfast Affeltrangen bed and breakfast Amlikon-Bissegg bed and breakfast Salenstein bed and breakfast Matzingen bed and breakfast Raperswilen bed and breakfast Thundorf bed and breakfast herdern bed and breakfast Steckborn bed and breakast eschikofen bed and breakfast klingenberg bed and breakfast homburg bed and breakfast eschikofen bed and breakfast berlingen bed and breakfast ermatingen


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Pension Märstetten Pension Pfyn Pension Affeltrangen Pension Hörhausen Pension Kreuzlingen Pension Frauenfeld Pension Bürglen Pension Thundorf Pension Lipperswil Pension Tägerwilen Pension Steckborn Pension Bussnang Pension Wigoltingen Pension Kemmental bodensee pension privat bodensee pension last minute Pension Raperswilen Pension Müllheim Pension Müllheim-Wigoltingen Pension Konstanz Pension am Bodensee Pension im Thurgau Pension an der Thur Pension in Mammern Pension in Felben-Wellhausen Pension am Jakobsweg Pension in Schenz Pension in Weinfelden Pension Raperswilen Günstige Pension Pension Salenstein Pension Matzingen Pension in eschikofen Pension Conny-Land Pension klingenberg Pension homburg Pension Berlingen Pension Ermatingen


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Preiswerte Unterkunft in Wigoltingen Preiswerte Unterkunft in Konstanz Preiswerte Unterkunft in Frauenfeld Preiswerte Unterkunft im Thurgau Preiswerte Unterkunft in Eschenz Preiswerte Unterkunft in Hüttwilen Preiswerte Unterkunft in Müllheim Unterkunft Raperswilen unterkunft in Märstetten unterkunft in Affelttrangen preiswerte unterkunft in Affeltrangen Unterkunft in Matzingen Unterkunft in Salenstein günstige unterkunft in salenstein Unterkunft in Bürglen unterkunft in eschikofen unterkunft klingenberg günstige unterkunft in homburg günstige unterkunft in berlingen günstige unterkunft in ermatingen


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